Perfume Storage

I store my samples in bead containers such as these below. They come in a range of sizes the one I show is a small/medium size and they stack nicely. They have dividers allowing you to alter the size of each component.  I keep my containers in a dark and cool cabinet in my office. These containers are available in wider and deeper sizes and are available from craft suppliers. I have also given some other examples that I am looking into. Those that arrive in beautiful tins, Afteliers, Tauers etc. stay stored in the tins, these are placed inside one of the craft boxes.

I have a nice labeller but haven’t got around to labelling these yet

This one holds my smaller samples and is in alphabetic order by house

This is going to be my next acquisition, I will probably paint it so it looks nice.

My food storage solution ~Andi♥~

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This is one of my favourite posts about sample storage:

In this youtube vid, Dan (mymickers) Mish gives an update on his collection, but I found it a great resource for storage ideas. I plan to relegate my wine to storage so I can see how the wine cooler will work for me.

My SOTD is Ormande Jayne Ta’if parfum – this is breathtakingly beautiful… I had an incredibly productive day.

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