Beauty of Strangeness

This week I sampled civet, castoreum, honey bee and hyraceum courtesy of Abdes Salaam Attar.  The civet had me gagging at first, thinking I would have to scrub it off and the castoreum wasn’t far behind. Within an hour they had settled and the castoreum was alluring, the civet still smelt slightly acrid but had developed roundness, the hyraceum settled to a nice muskiness and the honeybee got lost in the swarm. I topped this all off with some Aftelier Parfum de Maroc  before hopping in to bed with a great art theft romp  and found myself lulled and slightly euphoric, the kind of euphoria one expects when first partaking in an Absinthe louche.  I was not expecting to be blissfully floating away by stinky, wet, beaver.  Love comes in all manner of clothing.

Reading in Bed

Reading in Bed (Bascove)

There has also been a discussion in the perfume community this week about strange scents people like. Daver over at The Fragrant Bros mentioned liking sewerage because if was reminiscent of egg salad and spending time with his father – this reminds me of the rotten egg gas in metal work class.  I like the smell of petrol fumes and the smell of rain on the asphalt on a warm day; this takes me back to my school days hinting that the summer holidays were not far away.  All this strangeness and reminiscing has me wondering if strange scent likes are somehow bound to scent memories.

Sunshine on a Rainy Day

Do you have any scent/aroma likes that could be seen by some people to be strange, and if so do they have a scent memory?

Thanks for reading

Sharryn ~♥~

14 thoughts on “Beauty of Strangeness

  1. I did find those perfumes to be much easier the 2nd time, something about crossing the first line maybe, it seems to be like cigarettes or coffee, you have that initial revulsion and then are addicted and even start to appreciate the subtleties. Only don’t think his perfumes are bad for you, thank heavens.

  2. Through my fragrance journey I’ve learned that I have the taste for animalic fragrances. There are a lot of folks that think quite a few of the scents I like smell like fecal matter, piss or barnyards. I just don’t get that at all. Kind of baffles me cause those things make my stomach turn, lol. One scent I have realized that I’ve grown a taste for is skunk. It’s an animalic scent that I could see doing wonderful things in a fragrance.

    • Hi Dan, thanks for dropping by. I share your love of Oud, although I need to try more. Oud 27 is on my top 5 favourites. I like earthy scents like wood, leather, smoke and tar. The castoreum and hyraceum have left favourably strong impressions on me, although I may have to live a little longer with the civet. The only association I have with skunk is via the television, Pepe Le Pew, or in the movie Hachi where Richard Gere gets skunked! I’m guessing it would be like civet times about 20… I imagine it would have huge fixing properties.

  3. I didn’t think I had any such “special” favorite scents… until one of my co-workers told me that he hated the smell of a condenced milk. I had to stop wearing Jo Malone’s Sweet Milk to the office even though for me it’s a good smell associated with childhood and happy memories.

    BTW, welcome to the neighborhood! WordPress is a good place for a blog 🙂

    • Hi Undina, thanks for dropping by. I love the sweet smell of condensed milk. Maybe you co worker had a bad experience with milk in his childhood.. WordPress is a big improvement…

      • YAY! There’s another scentblogger in Adelaide too. I can’t remember the name off the top of my head. We have more of a community down here than I thought. I was lucky enough to perform at the Adelaide Cabaret Festival last year. Super city. Had a ball.

      • I’d love to find out who the the other Adelaide scentblogger is (not me as Sharon Freeman is it?). I wish I had seen your performance 😦 I get the guide and get busy with the highlighter, definately will catch your act when you are next in town. We spend a lot of time in the Spiegeltent at the Garden of Unearthly Delignts (I just love the name and the atmosphere, it feels so decadent). This city is at it’s best during festival season, it is vibrant and festival dwellers also get the opportunity to experience our glorious food. Niche wise not so good mainly DJ’s and Myer for Niche.

      • Melbourne is the current Niche capital of Australia. Tres annoying. Thank goodness for decanting online.
        I love a good Spiegeltent!
        I can’t remember who the Adelaidian is, sorry. It may have been someone who came from Adelaide, it may have been you. Memory gone.
        I think once we get a small crew of us that we should all meet up in Melbourne and go sniffing.
        Portia xx

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