Stealing Beauty (12/9/11)

Aftelier Fig

Recently I made a sweeping comment that I don’t really like gourmands, and then I met Mandy Aftel via two gorgeous tins of assorted samples I bought from her website. There are many gems in these tins, however I have decided to review fig first because it was the search for a fig home fragrance that started me on this scent journey, and is how I find myself here.

Aftelier Fig develops from sapling to the full glorious ripeness of age; her swansong is a sensuous dance, lush, rich and memorable.

Fig demands your attention, you must be patient and watch her grow. The emergent child developing the buds that will ripen slowly in the spring. I shall call her Beauty.

Like many Aftelier fragrances Fig has me under her spell. Soft pink peppery youth ripening with the warmth of Jasmine, fir adding an earthy depth grounding her impatient development, her foliage wilting slightly under the summer sun. The marriage of these notes sings true together.

In her youth Beauty sits plump, lush and spicy on a bed of ripe brie and crusty wood oven bread.  I laze under a gazebo covered in cooling vines savouring her delicacy.

Beauty has her swansong in my grandmother’s kitchen. The last remains of her jammy rich caramel from the jam pan, that sticky heavenly toffee. I have stolen Beauty and devoured her.


Featured Notes
Top: grand fir, pink grapefruit.
Heart: pink pepper absolute, jasmine sambac.
Base: Africa stone, fir absolute

Available from

¼ oz $150

Sample $6

Sample was purchased by me.

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