Blog Migration

Hello Fumies,

As you can see I have migrated to WordPress and my blog is very rudimentary at this stage, I just wanted to get it up. Any tips will be greatly appreciated. My Facebook link won’t work, this may have something to do with being Sharon Freeman not my pseudonym Sharryn (how I wished my name was spelt!) Stormont (my mother’s surname). Here is the link if you are interested

Well, it has been a while, hope you missed me. I have been busy setting up my business and now find myself settled in and ready for some fragrant fun. If I have omitted you in my blogroll it is unintentional and please let me know. Does anyone know if the glowy bunny  has a new blog?

~Sharon ♥~



2 thoughts on “Blog Migration

  1. You’re back! Hurrah! And all the better for me since you are on WordPress now. 🙂 As far as I know, Joey is still blogging at Beauty Bacon Bunnies. There is a link on my home page. (And now I’m off to update your link.)

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